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Fred Otswong’o & Intellectual Property Associates (FOIPA) is a Consulting Firm in Intellectual Property (IP) Management. Fred Otswong’o founded FOIPA in 2004 as a non-legal IP Consulting Firm in biochemical innovations. In 2013, Fred resigned from his patent examiner’s work at the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) merged FOIPA with Random Forks Intellectual Property Group Ltd to further strengthened the international affiliations that make the firm so strong today. He also continued to expand the business by employing young executives already or nearly graduated in a variety of professional fields.

Today, FOIPA has grown tenfold and is recognized internationally as one of Kenya’s leading intellectual property firms with capacity to draft patent claims and file various forms of intellectual property rights including trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyright. The Firm has a team of Patent and Trademarks Agents appointed by KIPI to assist clients enhance their capacity in IP technical services in Kenya and within ARIPO, PCT and Madrid System Member States. With multiple qualifications as registered patent attorneys, lawyers and scientists, our experts offer you specialized services to maximize the value of your intellectual property in Kenya, Africa and throughout the world. We support research institutes, universities, corporate and law firms to strengthen their capacity in IP for better business.