Marketing and Advertising Agency:- Indoor and Outdoor Advertising, Road and Directional Signs, Highway Billboards, Land Marks, Estate, Streets and Building Markings, Branding and Trademark Registration, Banners, Posters and Flyers 


Fairtouch Services (FAISER) was established in 1998 to offer agency services in an array of fields. Today, FAISER has coined a niche in marketing and advertising and is rated as one of the leading agencies in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. With many years of good services in the industry, FAISER has accumulated and retained competent work force in sales and marketing dedicated to offering the best services in the market. The Firm has a large clientele base, which include individual property owners, private companies, government agencies, industrial and manufacturing firms, banks, schools, churches, insurance companies, agro-based companies, embassies and hotels. 


Our Vision is to be the leader in the industry by 2030.


To serve people with dedication and create wealth through advertisement


FAISER offers the following services: 

i. Indoor and Outdoor Advertising, 

ii. Highway Billboards, 

iii. Land Marks, 

iv. Street and Building Light Box Signage,

v. Estate and Building Markings, 

vi. Road and Directional Signs, 

vii. Branding and Trademark Registration, and

viii. Banners, Posters, Flyers and Business Cards,

ix. Event Organizers, and

x. Marketing and Promotional Services.

The Team: 

FAISER has a dedicated team of professionals headed by Mr. Fred O. Omukubi and assisted by Mrs. Annie N. Omukubi.


Tel: 0722874069: E-